8.30am Registration / Meet and Greet Ross/Clara/Yoni
9.00am Teas, coffees, delicacies Charloote/Amelia
9.30am Enter the conference room
9.45am Start the STGC show MC Harry and Lilly
10.00am Heal the world-go the distance Capital Arts
10.10am Jazz Synthwave Happy 365 Acts like a final Bow Alejandra
10.20am Transition MC Harry Sardinas
10.30am Speech Steve Frew
10.40am Transition MC Harry Sardinas and Lilly
10.45am STGC Speech Shareen Qureshi
10.55am Transition MC Harry Sardinas and Lilly
11.00am 1st Tech Showreel and Presentation David White BGR
11.10am Transition MC Harry Sardinas and Lilly
11.15am Intro to Tech, App Presentation inc. Q&A Mark Phillips and Monty Panesar
11.30am Transition MC Harry Sardinas
11.35am Motivational Ammar Miza
11.50am What's in the next segment? MC Harry Sardinas and Lilly
12.00pm Tech Introduction Dan Riley
12.05pm Sports Technology Jean-Louis Lafayeedney
1.00pm Conference Afternoon Segment
1.15pm Introductions MC Harry Sardinas and Lilly
1.20pm Question & Answer DR E & Boxer Hamzah
1.40pm Transition MC Harry Sardinas & Sat
1.45pm Cafe 21 Highlights STGC Champions - Ross, Kyle, Yoni, Clara
1.55pm Transition MC Harry Sardinas & Sat
2.00pm First Panel Laila Faridoon, Dr. Sean Cumming, Dr. Sheree Bekker, Jeffrey Lambert
2.30pm Transition MC Harry Sardinas & Sat
2.35pm 3rd Tech Demo & Presentation Ali Jawad & Sam
2.50pm Transition MC Harry Sardinas & Sat
2.55pm Sports Sustainability James Silverman & Clara
3.20pm Transition MC Harry Sardinas & Sat
3.25pm Real Life Stories / Moderator Ammar Panel - Sal Naseem, Dr. Djordje Radic, Abdel.R Hamid, Alejandra Carreno Garzon
3.45pm MC Harry Sardinas, Sat & HUM2N Transition
3.50pm HUM2N team Panel - Dr E., Eva Woods, Elena Letyagina, Dr. Hill, Prof Mike Loosemore via Zoom
4.15pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
4.17pm Meditate to Rejuvenate Anjani McHugh & Paresh Kiri
4.22pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
4.24pm Leadership / Sports Steve Salis & Dr. Oleg Konovalov via Zoom
4.39pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
4.41pm Soap Project Sam Fox via Zoom
4.46pm Panel discussion Prof. Emma Rich, Prof. James Bilzon, Dr. Ram
5.06pm Final Remarks STGC Team
6.30pm Doors Open for Evening Segment
6.35pm Seated in ballroom
7.05pm Jazz live singing Amyna Gadiaga
7.15pm Introduction to STGC Founder MC Harry Sardinas
7.20pm Speech Shareen Qureshi
7.30pm Starter Meal
7.45pm MC Harry Sardinas Introduction Sports Tech
7.48pm Sports Tech Presentation Frank Furnari
8.08pm Main Meal
8.30pm Introduction Charity MC Harry Sardinas
8.33pm Debra Hugh Thompson
8.38pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
8.41pm Dessert
8.51pm Introduction MC Harry Sardinas
8.54pm Best Beginnings Alison Baum OBE
9.00pm Special Performance Fernando Montaño
9.20pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
9.23pm Ted Talk Presentation Dr. Jonquille Chantrey
9.43pm MC Harry Sardinas Transition
9.46pm Destiny and Purpose Dr. Mark Prince OBE
10.00pm Les Ferdinand Legacy
Final Remarks Shareen & STGC Team
Party all night DJ Charlie Browne