All Access To The World’s Most Cutting-Edge Therapies, Testing & Expert Health Teams - Exclusive To HUM2N


Pioneers of new era health care and specialists in elite sports performance

Supported by your own team of world-class experts – think of us as your Formula 1 human pit stop team, built around you.

We use the world's most scientifically-advanced testing with 786+ biomarkers to give high performance athletes the tools they need to reach the next level and make the incremental gains they're seeking.

Our protocols and programmes deliver high-level performance engineering, long term athlete development, access to world-leading experts, and research & innovation. Our coaching method has been tested and proven in one of the most demanding sports environments in the world including boxing, Formula 1 racing driving, body-building, competitive sports and more.

1. Personalised Health and Performance Assessment & Plan RRP £750

Comprehensive 360 Approach Health Assessment with dedicated health expert

Hyper-personalised health & lifestyle plan, supported by a team of dedicated physicians, nutritionists and health coaches

2. Elite Physical Assessment RRP £750

We use the most advanced testing to measure how many calories your body requires at rest and get insight on the fuel source your body uses during activities.

Includes: V02max assessment on the CAROL Bike in which your oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide are measured proving your V02 max.

Gold standard of fitness testing

3. SUPERHUM2N Protocol RRP £750

World’s First Sports Performance Enhancing Protocol - Perfected On Athletes

Includes: Super-Nutrient IV with Laser Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy and World’s Coldest Whole Body Cryotherapy Experience

Only available at HUM2N

4. ŌURA Ring and Coaching Session £500

The most accurate guide on Sleep, Readiness, and Activity

Includes ring and health coaching to optimise performance, cognition, weight, energy and immunity

5. Foundational Bloods £750

Beyond your regular “whole body testing”

We look deeper to understand your current state, and cellular composition

6. Personalised SUPERHUM2N Medical-Grade Supplement Pack £500

Powerful-medical grade supplements that make a difference.

Our doctor-designed pack ensures optimal performance using the clean, highly bioavailable and quality ingredients

7. Medical-Grade Regenerative Facial RRP £500

For softer, brighter and radiant skin

Multi-step treatment that stimulates the skin using hyaluronic acid and superficial high frequency needling

Vitamins and natural bio-stimulants are absorbed at a deeper level and your skin is soothed and smoothed with our hydrating mask and LED light

8. 1-2-1 Breath Coaching with Oxygen Advantage Master Trainer RRP £250

Unleash the power of breath in 3 sessions

Tap into the power your breathing possesses and change your state simply by changing the way you breathe

9. HUM2N Nutritionist Coaching RRP £500

Let's make your health a priority with Personalised Nutrition

Meet your dedicated Nutritionist and begin your health transformation journey in 3 sessions

10. QEEG Brain Mapping with World’s Leading Cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr Andrew Hill RRP £750

Understand your brain's performance using QEEG- BRAIN MAP - a visual map of your brain activity

Based on the results of the QEEG, and following a discussion with Dr. Andrew Hill, he will design a NEUROFEEDBACK protocol specifically tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes.

11. Team Peak Performance Seminar RRP £250

“Optimise sleep, nutrition, recovery, state management for peak performance as a team.”

Available at HUM2N’s luxury biohacking and performance Lounge in Chelsea, London


Complimentary Team Performance Seminar at our luxury biohacking and performance Lounge

“Optimising sleep, nutrition, recovery, state management for peak performance as a team.”